AHH!!! I love this so much. This shade of pink is perfect.  

I live in leggings, so these would be a great addition to my addiction 

How cute is the pattern right? 

I don't know which color to pick. Which do you like better? 

I need me some brown sandals, and these remind me of the free people ones but these are less expensive. 

I just cant get over these jeans. They are bleached & ripped perfectly

I just want them. They look pretty sick on. 

Everything is pretty much from UO except the Siwy Jeans are from Shopbop



Jessica Stam + Roaring 20's Clothing + Diner = MAGIC


Why Does it Feel Like Sunday??

I wish I had my own island with all my favorite people. (random) 

I love the feeling of being on summer break. I seriously never keep up with the time or the day of the week. It's a nice feeling. Sometimes my favorite day's are the ones i sit on the couch all day watching movies and my favorite T.V shows. Today I realized how much I just love Entertainment in general. I love how movies make me feel, how descriptive books have the power to make me believe I'm actually there, and in one magazine you can read the latest fashion. The best movies are the ones that evoke emotion. A great movie is the one that can make you laugh and cry. Just Rambling. When I write its all over the place. I just write what I want. No spelling/grammer checking here. 

Some very cute pictures of Natasha that I love. 



I find dresses like that so classy yet chic. I love sheer fabric around the neck line. 
It's Oscar de la Renta.

This Mischen vest reminds me of Alexander Wang and his style. 

I practically wear a cardigan 80% of the time, and i just love the combination of silk and cotton. Plus the color is pretty. It's J. Crew 

I want Kelly's Chanel tote. 

How gorgeous is this Mischen dress? I just love how different it is. 



Who can deny the beauty of this dress. The details are exquisite. 

Studs and Lace need i say more

I love anything and everything with sequins.

That is animal print done tastefully

I'm shocked nobody posted any of these photos. Everything Natasha wore was absolutely stunning. Carine always looks so chic and has a subtle edge to her outfits. They both can pull off anything they want.



 Millions of things come to mind. 
This is why I love Fashion. 
It's everywhere.