I have worn this jacket multiple occasions and I have yet to get bored. I literally can pair it with anything and it works. Its one of those staple pieces I find that every person should own. This utility jacket will live on forever in my wardrobe. Other then obsessing over this jacket, I'm overly excited that Christmas is a day away, I cannot wait for everyone to open up their gifts and mine of course. I asked for the usual, anything I can wear! Ask for anything in particular?

Happy Holidays! 

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Sherin said...

It looks like a cool jacket. I can see why you like it so much. Looks like it goes with loads.

Have a great Christmas.

Vita di una Brunetta said...

Gorgeous jacket!

Merry Christmas!

Cylia said...

yep, that jacket is very diversitile! happy holidays and merry christmas to you:)!

purse n boots said...

i can totally relate with living in your army jacket ;) im sure you've seen I have the same problem!!! i have to limit how many times I post myself in it cause I'm worried people will get sick of it! haha thank you for your comment babe! merry xmas!

ashley <3

Kasey said...

ok i definetly need one of those utility jackets...!maybe they will go on sale after christmas...