Finally a Denim Vest! I went to the J. Crew in New York which btw was gorgeous and amazing and found this vest right as I was leaving. I've been looking for one that was the perfect wash and of course J. Crew supplied it. I wore this look out to the Joan Jett concert. I must say she is an amazing performer and her voice was just how I imagined it would be live. She was doing all these crazy moves- which would disturb me for a person her age but it just looked right. She totally still got it.



1. Staying at the Andaz Hotel. 2. Getting my hair done at the Warren Tricomi Salon on Madison 3. Wearing my Gorgeous Aqua dress given to me by Bloomingdales! 4. Waiting to walk the Red Carpet. 5. Standing next to Rupert my future husband. 6. The coolest 3D glasses. 7. The Cast speaking before the film (I almost started to ball) 8. The gorgeous bathtub I was about to enjoy

I want to thank PopSugar for choosing me as the winner! I will always be grateful for this amazing experience and I couldn't have had a better reason to go to New York. I want to thank the ladies of Bloomingdales for gifting me this amazing dress & for helping me choose it, thank the camera crew and the people of popsugar making me feel comfortable, The ladies that made me look my best from Warren Tricomi(best salon ever), and again PopSugar for making this all possible! The movie was amazing and to see the cast speak on behalf of the film was an amazing thing to hear and see. The last installment of the film was for sure its best and I'm truly sad to see the series end. For all you Harry Potter fans you will not be disappointed.



 Maybe I might be over reacting but I'm just so happy about it. So the long story goes. It was one of those days when the news kept getting worse and worse and honestly nothing good could come of it. But somehow my day made a complete 180 when I got an e-mail (while at work) Saying “Congratulations - You Have Won a Trip to the Harry Potter NY Premiere!” I was like this can’t be? I get spam mail all the time like this. And just to let you know I was only on a 15 minute break when I got this. So I acted fast. I read the whole e-mail and said “this is legitimate”. And of course I call my mom freaking out at that, and told her she needs to print everything they want and fill it out, and send it out ASAP! So now for the short to the point story. I’m going to New York to watch Harry Potter and I’m freaking out!!! I never really thought people won these kind of contests. Well I'll keep everyone updated..just follow my twitter @adrinictrax. I'll be tweeting on the red carpet. Can't wait!!!!

Thanks so much Popsugar!! Make sure to watch the live stream at 5 p.m on www.popsugar.com



So I wore this 4th o f July!! I was sort of festive with my red blouse. So I have like really big news that I can't share just yet, but it's very exciting. I've never won something so big and grand but I can't wait to let you all know soon. 



Wore this July 3 on a early 4th of July party. You can tell your with a fun crowd when you don't need alcohol to have fun. I was entertained by a crazy hilarious display of what not to do with fireworks (Richard and Other not so bright boys) and ate some yummy cake pops!