Maybe I might be over reacting but I'm just so happy about it. So the long story goes. It was one of those days when the news kept getting worse and worse and honestly nothing good could come of it. But somehow my day made a complete 180 when I got an e-mail (while at work) Saying “Congratulations - You Have Won a Trip to the Harry Potter NY Premiere!” I was like this can’t be? I get spam mail all the time like this. And just to let you know I was only on a 15 minute break when I got this. So I acted fast. I read the whole e-mail and said “this is legitimate”. And of course I call my mom freaking out at that, and told her she needs to print everything they want and fill it out, and send it out ASAP! So now for the short to the point story. I’m going to New York to watch Harry Potter and I’m freaking out!!! I never really thought people won these kind of contests. Well I'll keep everyone updated..just follow my twitter @adrinictrax. I'll be tweeting on the red carpet. Can't wait!!!!

Thanks so much Popsugar!! Make sure to watch the live stream at 5 p.m on www.popsugar.com