Shirt: J.Crew Factory on sale now
Jeans: J brand Mid-rise Crop
Sandals: J. Crew
Earrings: J.Crew  

The vacation vibes are flowing. Alex (my boyfriend) and I are in serious need of a vacation, but where to go is the issue. It's been between Cali, Chicago, D.C or back to New York. For me it's CALIFORNIA all the way. I've never been and that perfect weather charm is calling my name.  Where do you think we should visit? 

Lastly, did you watch the Miami Heat game last night?! That was an unbelievable game and "that guy" is one dirty player who does not deserve to play for the NBA! The Miami Heat has an amazing team flow and nobody could ever compare. They don't need dirty antics to win. Cannot wait to go watch them win the finals!! 



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It's been a long time since I've written on this blog let alone go on it. I know, because as I was typing up my blog name in the search tab, it didn't complete the link. My only excuse is that school, work and life played such a huge role in my absence. But now I'm a college graduate circa 3 weeks ago and I now live on my own. I  can officially say that I now know the meaning of living the adult life; I think ; )

As I wear my Stella McCartney esque top, I give you a peek of the view from my balcony, my new love of desert plants and the sunset I get to see up close just from my living room.

The title says it all, I'm back in the groove to blog!