The 1st of November

It was just yesterday I was writing my post saying it was 2015, and now were in November. 

Today, my mini vacation ends and so does my lazy streak! Now to start this "fall back" mindset right with the following fall staples.

 I finally got a pumpkin to carve, which will be thanksgiving themed since halloween is over. 

I haven't been forgetting to get my PSL, so I'm looking good there. 

And today I made chili, how much "fall happy" can I be. 

Below, I share my fashionable Halloween as Chanel Oberline from Scream Queens

"I'll have a Trenta, no foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees."

Jurassic Park- Dr.Ellie Sattler  (Loved his costume)

Little Black Riding Hood, Pirate & Red Devil 


it's 2015

Dress: French Connection Shoes: J.Crew Crown: Party City :) 

The fact that it's 2015 is mind boggling. As I get older the years are just flying by. Im sure we all feel like that, but Alex and I have lived in our apartment for a year and it feels as if we just moved in and now we are moving again! I'm such a believer on new everything that moving into another new place seems like a reoccurring event. Even though Im thinking that our new place is going to be a keeper for years to come. As with any new year we create our new years resolutions and mine are as follows:
I hope to become more of a productive morning person and not waste the days on sleep. I for sure want to learn Italian or French and visit Paris. I also want to join a club or do some kind of active activity like dance. AND lastly, I want to use my money towards travel than on material things. (which i find is going to be the hardest to keep)

Words to live by: Don't waste your youth on mundane activities, live life to the fullest and try new things! 

P.S I've had this sequin dress in my closet for over 5 years, and I have never worn it. There could be many reasons why I didn't, but on this new years it seemed so fitting to wear.