Is there such thing as a plan?

Where do I start!? Do I tell you about my original plan or jump into my first trimester? I'll start from the beginning. 

I got engaged last June, and right after everyone was asking when's the wedding. After much thought, we chose to get married in 2 years. But, speed up to October 29th and BAM! I found out I was pregnant; nonetheless days before my favorite holiday. My first reaction wasn't a good one. Of course being a mother was always on my list, but I'm a planner! And this was for sure something planned after marriage. 

I cried when the pregnancy test came out positive. I mean as women, we have our freak attacks and think were pregnant, even if were not. So, I thought when I took the test, it was going to be one of those thoughts again. But, behold it was NOT! 

We went to the doctors to confirm, and sure enough, they said: "Congrats Adrianna, you're pregnant!." Alex was with me and excited even from the beginning. It was hard for him to register why I wasn't as excited, and the main reason was fear! I mean becoming responsible for another life is no joke. And the other reason was because I've been raised with the notion that kids come after marriage, so I felt ashamed. 

After I told my parents and a few friends, I felt immensely better. They were so supportive; my shame faded. I couldn't say the same about fear because that comes and goes. But, the more real things became, the more excited I would get. 

We live in a new day and age, and we shouldn't have to feel ashamed about getting pregnant out of wedlock. It's just something embedded in our brains since childhood. I especially shouldn't, being in my late 20's and all, but old habits die hard. 

Today, I'm 24 weeks, and this baby boy is all I think about! My excitement grows every day. 

What was your experience when you found out you were pregnant? Leave me a comment. : ) 

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