Top 5 tips on buying a house

I can't believe we bought a house! I've been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever. It couldn't have worked out better since the baby will be here by the end of June. Which gives us plenty of time to set up his new home. It really is the cutest and I cannot wait to share updated projects.

As exciting as buying a house is, the overall home buying process is anything but easy. I knew going in it wasn't going to be, but I'm sharing a few things I wish I knew prior to jumping in.

1. Know what you want from a house: Make your list of needs and things that you can't live without.

2. You need great credit: You need close to no credit card debt. That means your debt to income ratio needs to be low: meaning how much you owe vs how much you make is very little. Credit determines your interest rate and budget, so credit is everything!

3. Interview Realtors: A big thing I wish I did was interview realtors. We chose a family friend and felt that they would have our best interest, but it wasn't the case. Interview realtors knowledgeable about the location you're interested in and then make a list of things you don't want to compromise. Make sure they are comfortable making offers to your liking even if they're the "expert". And lastly, make sure they have patience for you to find your dream home.

4. Don't be closed minded on appearance: You need to look out for the important things of a home. The foundation, sprinklers, storage, working appliances- things that would generally cost you a lot $$$$ if you have to replace.

5. Take your time! As simple as that statement is, just take your time. It's really easy to fall for a house based on looks, but don't be fooled. 

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