At Home teeth whitening *Giveaway*

Who remembers when whitening strips came out and you begged your parents to get them for you? My first time trying them was in high school and all I can remember was they killed my sensitive teeth. I don’t remember seeing results either. It got me thinking, not all teeth whitening systems are created equal. But the urge to whiten my teeth continued. 


Things I've tried and...

Like most people, I like to try out new things. I tend to only try new hair or skin products when I finish through what I have. It's better for my wallet and less overwhelming than seeing an influx of half used products. With the extra time I have with Quarantine (NOT, I'm wring this while the kids are sleeping) I figured why not create a new series of monthly reviews on things I try. I'm going to go as random as sharing snacks, cleaning products, and pretty much anything that I feel is worth sharing. Hopefully you find it useful. 


Baby Essential Game Changers

When I heard I was having another boy, I felt like I hit the jackpot. I didn't have to go run out and buy everything new. So, I went into this second pregnancy thinking I had everything and needed nothing. For the most part that's true, but I compiled a list of my baby essentials. Some new and some true favorites I discovered with my first Grayson. 


Hair Transformation with Formulate

Raise your hand if your hair changed drastically after kids? If you raised your hand, well you're not alone. I went from strong & luscious hair to hair that was limp with tons of breakage. This was the last thing I expected after giving birth. Especially since I felt my prettiest during my pregnancy. So, when Formulate reached out about trying out their hair products, I jumped at the opportunity. What did I have to lose? The answer is NOTHING! I wanted my pretty hair back.



These are things that I can honestly say are foolproof when it comes to gift giving. You can definitely get a few of these items and make a cute tag saying "Beauty Survival Kit". We as Mothers are always on the go and so is every working woman. So,  having these things at the ready is NICE! Just about every gift is under $20 AND a bulk of them you find at Target or Amazon, so you can get it before Christmas! You're welcome ; ) 
  1. I just bought this scent over at TARGET! and I'm in love. I gravitate toward rollers because it makes for easy application. Only $13 
  2. I've been on a cute hair tie kick and I love the ones at Madewell. 
  3. There's just nothing like a beauty blender. If you don't have one, you need one. 
  4. You can never go wrong with hoops and I think instead of gold ones, Tortoise ones are just as classic. These are $9!!!
  5. I like clear make-up bags because I like to see what I have on hand quick! This one from Madewell is 25% off right now. 
  6. This external battery is a no-brainer! My phone dies from taking so many videos and pictures of Grayson. 
  7. Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver, who wouldn't want that! Here's a deal for 2, so one for you and one as a gift. 
  8. You can never have enough mama T-shirts Don't mess with Mama T-shirt Under $20
  9. This is my all time favorite lip balm Rosebud Salve. It can be used as a cuticle cream too.
  10. Sheet masks are fun and an easy self-care gift. 
  11. There will never be a Brow Gel like this one from Glossier. I usually get shade brown, but clear is a good option for a gift. They have FREE RUSH SHIPPING
  12. You might think Band-aids are random but have you had to walk miles in a new pair of shoes? I have and blisters galore, so band-aids are my saviors!  Makes for a cute stocking stuffer! 
Hope these help with any last minute gifts you need to put together. Remember you can buy a few of these items and still not break the bank.