2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Moms Edition

Moms deserve a lot! Sometimes a day to herself is all she needs, but these goodies can help too. 
These are a compilation of items I own and want myself! Some will be on sale soon, so make sure to read below for details.  


2020 Holiday Gift Guide: In-Law Addition

As one of the most requested gift guides, I bring you a little mix of goodies for your In-Laws. I personally love gifting personalized gifts with functionality. It's the best of both worlds; special and useful!


Things I've tried and...

Like most people, I like to try out new things. I tend to only try new hair or skin products when I finish through what I have. It's better for my wallet and less overwhelming than seeing an influx of half used products. With the extra time I have with Quarantine (NOT, I'm wring this while the kids are sleeping) I figured why not create a new series of monthly reviews on things I try. I'm going to go as random as sharing snacks, cleaning products, and pretty much anything that I feel is worth sharing. Hopefully you find it useful. 


Baby Essential Game Changers

When I heard I was having another boy, I felt like I hit the jackpot. I didn't have to go run out and buy everything new. So, I went into this second pregnancy thinking I had everything and needed nothing. For the most part that's true, but I compiled a list of my baby essentials. Some new and some true favorites I discovered with my first Grayson. 


Hair Transformation with Formulate

Raise your hand if your hair changed drastically after kids? If you raised your hand, well you're not alone. I went from strong & luscious hair to hair that was limp with tons of breakage. This was the last thing I expected after giving birth. Especially since I felt my prettiest during my pregnancy. So, when Formulate reached out about trying out their hair products, I jumped at the opportunity. What did I have to lose? The answer is NOTHING! I wanted my pretty hair back.