My life has been a whirlwind of crazy. I have a full-time job and am a full-time student; somebody cry me a river. I love being busy, but free time is non-existent. I'm posting this while sitting in Digital Media class, it seems fitting. Here is a look from last week (I think). 



Pieces that embody beauty and is actually tangible. 

Source: Studded Hearts. 



Here is my christmas post that is very long overdue! I thought I lost these photo's since my new Macbook recently crashed and I wasn't backing anything up (yeah, smart me).The most important ones are long gone, but it really sucked that these lovely family photos were almost lost for good too. But, today I went on my Iphoto and they magically were part of my photo stream, which still to this moment I don't how how these were the only photos saved. To my surprise I now can show you what my christmas day looked like. 



Yeah, I meant it to be a pretty bright post. Even from the overly crazy flare app i used to make the photos pop! So, the winter season is coming to Florida and it's time to bear the cold, and not with ugly hoodies and sweats. Wear your scarves, layer with sweaters and cute collared tops, and wear cords for a different texture than jeans. 

sweater: vintage. denim shirt: hollister. cords: j.crew. shoes: cole haan. necklace: j.crew



Tropical storm Sandy is bringing an unusual chill to Florida, so wear what you like while you can! 

Tee: Madewell Jeans: Pacsun Belt: J. Crew Boots: Sam Edelman Watch: Michael Kors.