Best gifts for a one year old

I was YOU right before Grayson's birthday, figuring out what to put on his gift registry. Everyone kept asking what does Grayson want? Umm...he can't answer that right now-he's only turning one! 

I knew I didn't want things that wouldn't get much use or that didn't have any meaning behind it. So, I compiled a list of things I received for his birthday and have been getting a lot of use out of.  I separated the list into categories to make it easier. This list is also Unisex : )


Top 10 Places We Forget To Clean

I used to consider myself a major clean freak until Grayson came into the picture. I have been dethroned from that title. I'm now just a mom who cleans when she can. Balancing being a mother full-time, on top of cooking the majority of the week, all while trying to fit in some side hustle work- it's hard to think about every nook and cranny I have to clean. I will say I vacuum on the daily and that's because crumbs are inevitable with Grayson. But man, the days I was devoting towards deep cleaning, I was forgetting so many places that are important for the cleanliness of our house. So, I figured why not share my top 10 places I forget to clean. 


Sephora Haul Review

I had just finished my "No Spend Month" and what better way to reward myself than doing a Sephora Haul. I came to Sephora looking for an eye cream, a new dry shampoo and a texture spray that would work in this Florida heat. I only added 2 unintended items AND one has become my favorite beauty item of all. My "No Spend Month" kept me in check as you can tell. I'll be sharing my positives and negatives for each product. For the most part, they're good, but some not "Holy Grail" good. 


A Unique Summer Watch

jord watch

Ever since I became a stay at home mom, my spending habits have changed drastically. I don’t have that full time job to depend on, and every dollar spent in our household goes with a lot of thought. With that in mind, we cut down on eating out often, and especially on our spontaneous splurges at the mall. However, one thing we haven’t changed though is the quality in the items we purchase.

If there’s anything that has stuck with me from my days in luxury retail, is thinking about the price in terms of cost per use. If you don’t intend to use it for a long period of time, is the cost worth it? That’s what I always ask myself, and it definitely helps deter buyer’s remorse.  



When it comes to shopping for Grayson, I look for 3 things: Cute. Easy. Accessible. Babies need so many last minute outfits, we need to be able to drive somewhere on a whim and get what we need. With that said, my Top 5 Stores for Boys are all accessible and have a storefront for you to touch and feel. They also are priced fairly which we all know is important since babies go through clothes quickly.