2 months of motherhood


Becoming a mother has changed my views on everything! It's made me aware that society doesn't keep mothers in mind. I say that, because the moment I decided to leave the house with Grayson, I realized a lot of places are not equipped for mothers. For example, I'm not able to fit my cart everywhere, so I can't imagine how the disabled feel. Not every restroom has a changing table, so where am I expected to change his diaper? And why is public breastfeeding not a norm yet? Everyone should be kept in mind when creating an establishment and people should be rooting for mothers who breastfeed because it isn't easy! I just feel as though society is still holding on to the notion that mothers should stay at home.

Continuing on being real here, let me share my time so far as a new mom. Being a mother is like studying for a test, but the material is completely different once you got it down pact. What I mean is, each day is completely different and makes caring for a newborn that much harder. The first week was easy. I kept telling people how lucky I was because he was sleeping so much. But that was a facade! Between being fussy for a reason I couldn't figure out and getting peed on every day, the days felt long. But, like any mother, you overcome and conquer with patience.

I chose to exclusively breastfeed and went in completely nonchalant about it. I knew it was the only form of milk I wanted to provide and was going to do it no matter what. But with that, I didn't know the first thing about breastfeeding. I was lucky that Grayson took to my breast, but only by wearing a nipple shield. You ask what's that? It's a tool for those who have small nipples. Who knew they made such a thing? I'm grateful for the nipple shield as I am resentful. First, I hate that I need it and secondly, when it comes to feeding a HANGRY Grayson, his arms go crazy that he knocks it off. Imagine trying to feed him at night! I need to turn on the lights to guide him and hold his arms down. Breastfeeding is hard as it is. 

My real tough days are when Grayson has gas and can't poop. I seriously pray for poops because seeing him miserable is the worst. When he has gas, that means a very fussy baby, late nights and no real sleep. Another thing, that might seem minuscule, is having to cut his nails. I haven't been able to successfully file or cut them. The second time I went to cut his nails I made him bleed! It scared the crap out of me and was a total mom fail. Now I just file them. Even though, at this moment only one of his hands has been successfully filed down. The other hand I'm just hoping his nails don't grow. Not a real solution, but it's better than bleeding.

Overall I think trying to be the best mom, wife, and employee is what makes motherhood hard. Finding balance and time to do everything has been hard for me. I had to start working from home a week after giving birth. I had no real time to adjust with a newborn, let alone how I was going to manage to clean the house and get any work done. I have managed to breastfeed while doing Photoshop, which I find pretty impressive ; ) What I do know, is that I want to do everything I can for Grayson. What I'm still learning is to give myself some slack. I'm a type A person and strive for perfection, so I can't live in a chaos. But, a little chaos can't kill me, right?


Maternity Uniform

During this pregnancy, my wardrobe has felt very much like being back in high school and having to wear a uniform. This time, I've traded in my khakis and polos for oversized dresses and shirts and over-belly bottoms. The majority of my maternity basics come from Madewell and Forever 21 and I did buy a few maternity jeans. My favorite jeans have to be the Jessica Simpson ones I added to my collage below. With the Courier Madewell shirts, they've been a God sent! I can totally wear them after the pregnancy and I've been able to use the ones I already owned.

The way I spruced up my basics were through accessorizing, which is the most cost effective way to change a look. Statement earrings are an easy go to for me and J.crew and Madewell always have great options. Overall, I just didn't want to go overboard on maternity clothes because I like to invest in pieces I can wear multiple times.

Coincidently, this collage came out very 4th of July themed, so my fellow preggo's here are some pieces for you to wear!
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Grayson's Nursery

We are finally tackling Grayson's room this weekend! I'm so excited to get his room ready for his arrival. We decided, well more like I decided for a safari theme ; ) The idea sprung from the sheets we got him at pottery barn and the rest is history. I can't wait to show you how this inspiration board becomes his room! 


Top 5 tips on buying a house

I can't believe we bought a house! I've been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever. It couldn't have worked out better since the baby will be here by the end of June. Which gives us plenty of time to set up his new home. It really is the cutest and I cannot wait to share updated projects.

As exciting as buying a house is, the overall home buying process is anything but easy. I knew going in it wasn't going to be, but I'm sharing a few things I wish I knew prior to jumping in.

1. Know what you want from a house: Make your list of needs and things that you can't live without.

2. You need great credit: You need close to no credit card debt. That means your debt to income ratio needs to be low: meaning how much you owe vs how much you make is very little. Credit determines your interest rate and budget, so credit is everything!

3. Interview Realtors: A big thing I wish I did was interview realtors. We chose a family friend and felt that they would have our best interest, but it wasn't the case. Interview realtors knowledgeable about the location you're interested in and then make a list of things you don't want to compromise. Make sure they are comfortable making offers to your liking even if they're the "expert". And lastly, make sure they have patience for you to find your dream home.

4. Don't be closed minded on appearance: You need to look out for the important things of a home. The foundation, sprinklers, storage, working appliances- things that would generally cost you a lot $$$$ if you have to replace.

5. Take your time! As simple as that statement is, just take your time. It's really easy to fall for a house based on looks, but don't be fooled. 


Top 6 Slides & Mules

slides & mules

The shoe Gods have been really producing amazing styles. I can't help but love the mules & slides trend like everyone else. I find them to be a feminine shoe that gives your look class. These are a couple of my favorites, at all different price points.