Miami Fashion Week

This is the dress I wore. I figured a bright colored dress would work for Miami. Its Marc By Marc Jacobs and I paired it with Nude Wedges with a leopard heel.

Red Carter was officially the best out of the swim wear. All of his bathing suits were unique and all looked great. True Religion was kind of boring. As you can tell we only took photos of the guys who might I add, were very HOT! There are better photos on this website . These photos do not give justice to how amazing the Red Carter collection was.





Alice In Wonderland. Tim Burton. 2010.

I just can't wait to see the movie. Anything by Tim Burton is genius and by the looks of the photos it looks like its going to be amazing. 

Alice in Wonderland was there inspiration....Natalia Vodianova.
Amazing Editorial.

Alice in Wonderland inspired 
It includes the psychedelic patterns, the fairy tale inspired dresses, the bows & hats, and the white tights. 

Ethereal. Whimsical. Feminine.