September 2, 1990
So I finally decided how I'm going to celebrate my 19th B-day. I'm going to have an Alice in Wonderland themed party which I will for sure take photos of and then I'm going to spend the night at the Hard Rock Hotel so I can party it up without my padres : D
So What I asked for.....

What I will spend my money on...

BB Dakota...The perfect winter blazer



Effortless, Grunge, Young....



It's either a hit or a miss with vacations; either everything goes well or totally wrong. For me its been a hit. I stayed one week in Delray Beach and another in Hollywood beach. In Delray the hotel was probably 10 steps away from the ocean and the restaurants were chic and delicious. I stayed the week in Hollywood with my best friends family. It was non-stop fun and I finally got a little tan.

Perfect Hat & Shades

My Skull bathing suit from Target...and my Ray Bans.

While on my vacation from Delray, we went to Galleria so I can drop my best friend off, and we did a little shopping. I was able to find the perfect hat and great aviators. Then I realized they had an Aldo in the mall and I have been on a mission to find the Maune shoes in my size. I refused to buy them online without trying them on. So when I went in, I found them, and to my suprise it had a sticker claiming it being only $44.50!! I was even more excited when they had my size. So of course i tried them on and fell in love. I kept rambling on to the sales lady that online they were $100 and she couldn't believe how inexpensive they had them at the store..So when she rung them up they did come to $100 but she had to give me the sale price. Is that luck or what? I was about to leave the mall too and I figured Id just stop by and look. The shoes were totally meant for me.