I can't get enough of the victorian feel, with the use of ascots, and ornate fabrics. I loved the rich fabrics and textures of each piece. The collection was the perfect blend of victorian and edge. 


The fact that each piece stands out on its own, is why i love DVF. Her pieces might have the same color palette but she never limits herself to only one pattern or fabric. I love its girly appeal and touch of edge. Totally would love to own every piece in this collection.  

Christian DIOR

So, John Galliano is my all time favorite designer. His collections always carry on a piece of a particular era. You can tell that each piece is gorgeously made and so well executed. He showcases such gorgeous pieces that will make any fashion lover swoon. Each piece has such great textures, and each look is totally different which I alway appreciate. 

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Star-Light said...

I love the Balmain Collection..so beautiful :))

E said...

I'm sad to say I don't think I noticed the Victorian feel of the Balmain collection before you mentioned it, but you're totally right! Very decadent!

em.me.ma said...

thanks for the comment! BEAUTIFUL dress:)!