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It's been a long time since I've written on this blog let alone go on it. I know, because as I was typing up my blog name in the search tab, it didn't complete the link. My only excuse is that school, work and life played such a huge role in my absence. But now I'm a college graduate circa 3 weeks ago and I now live on my own. I  can officially say that I now know the meaning of living the adult life; I think ; )

As I wear my Stella McCartney esque top, I give you a peek of the view from my balcony, my new love of desert plants and the sunset I get to see up close just from my living room.

The title says it all, I'm back in the groove to blog!


libys11 said...

welcome back!!!
love your top!! :D

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Katie said...

gorgeous gorgeous sunset!!

love the top :)

Katie x