Foodie Friday

Yummy & Simple Taco Chili  

Sometimes work can literally suck the life out of me, and having to make dinner at the end of my shift is the last thing on my mind. So, when I see a simple meal full of flavor, I jump right on the opportunity to make it. This taco chili was a recipe I picked up at Publix and all it took was all you see above and 1lb of ground beef or turkey and a packet of taco seasoning of your choice. 

  1. Preheat large. nonstick saute pan on medium-high for 2-3 min and throw the meat to brown until you see no more red. 
  2. Once browned, pour out the fat
  3. You can either put the meat into a slow cooker with the remainder of the ingredients for (3-4 hrs) or let simmer in a deep pot for an hour. I chose the deep pot, which I also brown the meat in, so I don't have to clean more than one pot. Lazy? I think working smarter. 
You can add whatever toppings: Sour cream, cheese, cilantro etc.



The 1st of November

It was just yesterday I was writing my post saying it was 2015, and now were in November. 

Today, my mini vacation ends and so does my lazy streak! Now to start this "fall back" mindset right with the following fall staples.

 I finally got a pumpkin to carve, which will be thanksgiving themed since halloween is over. 

I haven't been forgetting to get my PSL, so I'm looking good there. 

And today I made chili, how much "fall happy" can I be. 

Below, I share my fashionable Halloween as Chanel Oberline from Scream Queens

"I'll have a Trenta, no foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees."

Jurassic Park- Dr.Ellie Sattler  (Loved his costume)

Little Black Riding Hood, Pirate & Red Devil