Bailey 44...$174 
I'm a total sucker for bows
D&G...Wishful Thinking. 
This has sexy written all over it.
I love the beaded neckline. It gives a simple tiered black dress a little something.
Bailey 44...$174
I love the one shoulder.

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It's unfathomable that Florida does not have an H & M of any kind ??? craziness !!

anyway, thanks for the upbeat comment, dear. FIERCE LBD's, ♥ them! =]


alissa said...

ooo i love the first two. That second one has such beautiful, simple structure!
i found your blog from chalet's comments - its lovely!

Riina said...

i love the third one, it's amazing !

Daniella said...

I am loving the one shoulder dresses lately!
And I love your header!!

Appeal to the Eye said...

aaall black dresses...what I love ; ))))

yeah I agree with you, the one shoulder is the best one



Much Love

Verena Stefanie

Yuka said...

ohh i love the first one shouldered one.

Gladys said...

Ah, I have like a gagillion black dresses since I have concerts/performances. A musician must always have black attire. (:
I love your first and fourth picks.

kaitlyn said...

i love the two bcbgs. they're completely different from each other. but i love them.

Unknown said...

I'm loving the one with the big bow...so gorgeous!!

Your post really made me want to go shopping.


Unknown said...

everyone definitely needs a timeless LBD- i have a couple in my closet, but it needs an upgrade! definitely feeling the assymetrical pieces. this is one trend im glad to have come back!

just encountered your site-- do drop by mine sometime!

omg...that sequined vest is the bomb! love how it flashes up virtually anything, even a simple white tank and shorts would look glam and party perfect. and again, your hair is perfect!

much love


Style Copycat said...

I love 3rd and 4th ones....


Petja said...

D&G is the best.