Who can deny the beauty of this dress. The details are exquisite. 

Studs and Lace need i say more

I love anything and everything with sequins.

That is animal print done tastefully

I'm shocked nobody posted any of these photos. Everything Natasha wore was absolutely stunning. Carine always looks so chic and has a subtle edge to her outfits. They both can pull off anything they want.

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Nora said...

love the 2nd and 3rd dresses! amaaaazing :D

Adrianna Traxler said...

ME too! They just have such great taste : )

Slanelle said...

natasha's 1st dress is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Love the last dress, it's just too fabulous! :)

h said...

the first dress is amazing!

in her shoes said...

I simply looove this girl! she is soooo pretty and everything that she puts on is stoning!

Obscura said...

Natasha is amazing.

I love the Balmain for sure.