I've literally thought Velvet was the worst fabric on earth. I found it very unflattering and just plain hideous; the most amazing designers have totally changed my mind set. You tell me.....how do you feel about velvet looking at these amazing clothes??


Jean Paul Gaultier 

Gianfranco Ferré

Armani Privé

Diane von Furstenberg

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SaraJ said...

<3 the music here

Runway Reviews said...

powerful fabric, love velvet only for jacket and trousers but right now thanks to Chloe collection i guess it's a trend to wear it with each kind of clothes.
Nice blog!

E said...

I'm kind of stoked for the return of velvet. I really want a pair of pleated velvet pants...

michelle_ said...

love all of this !
velvet is awesome .
i'd love a velvet jacket these days..

we wear things said...

mmm velvet is so lux! in a nice blazer.. or some fitted pants.

Marta Castellanos said...

I have always loved velvet, but never have tought in it to wearin, until I found a couple ofweeks ag some velvet vintage clothes that inspired me. I think that it´s a clear trend. We are starting to see it in dessigners and stilysh girls now, and nxt yearwe will see it in ever shop!!
I have just bought my first velvet item!!I cant wait to recieve it in my mail!!xoxo,


Anonymous said...

im honestly LOVING velvet right now, im totally in need of a velvet dress