We had 3 trees in the house, & this one was mine.

This is my precious baby Mason

An array of Gilly Hicks Undies!

These are some of the goodies I got for Christmas. I feel like a kid since, I really wanted that project runway game. It helps you draw out designs of clothes & since I'm not a good drawer I figured this would be perfect. Yes that is a hand steamer.....My parents gave me a hand steamer since I can't iron & they used it as a joke to tell me they couldn't get my camera so they got me this instead (very funny). Plus my BFF gave me the license plate frame (waring...I drive like a cullen). I'm a dweeb & love twilight so I got the sigg bottle for myself. She also got me the pic frame, the martini glass and shirt that said "I kissed a Vampire & I liked it".

Random pic of some of my purses & scarves

I have yet to take an outfit post since all I've been doing is working..but tomorrow I will for sure!

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yiqin; said...

The cup is cute)

Raquel said...

I want your hat!

Audrey Allure said...

very cute photos!

love your blog :)
- Audrey Allure

Karen Morales said...

awwww ur doggy is so adorable :)
great presents! the project runway kit looks pretty awesome.

Shannon King said...

I got a bunch of Gilly Hicks undies too. I love that store, such cute stuff.


Obscura said...

your blog is looking great darling!!!