A Unique Summer Watch

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Ever since I became a stay at home mom, my spending habits have changed drastically. I don’t have that full time job to depend on, and every dollar spent in our household goes with a lot of thought. With that in mind, we cut down on eating out often, and especially on our spontaneous splurges at the mall. However, one thing we haven’t changed though is the quality in the items we purchase.

If there’s anything that has stuck with me from my days in luxury retail, is thinking about the price in terms of cost per use. If you don’t intend to use it for a long period of time, is the cost worth it? That’s what I always ask myself, and it definitely helps deter buyer’s remorse.  

So when our 5-year anniversary came creeping up, I knew the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for my partnership with JORD Watches. When I was initially choosing the watch, I had every intention of keeping it for myself. Because “Hello” being a SAHM is the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs and this Mama can use something new. But, I had Alex try it on for fun, and it just fit him like a glove. That’s the beauty of JORD watches; you and your spouse can share if you want to.  

The unique summer watch I chose is the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Smoke

I kept seeing these watches pop up on my Instagram feed, and was in awe that it was made out of wood.  It’s the first brand I had seen that didn’t look cheesy or, lack of a better word, cheap. And when it finally did arrive, I was even more impressed! The packaging alone makes this an even better gift to give. The wood case it comes with can become a keepsake that can later be passed on; it’s that special! One thing I regret, is not engraving the watch. That would have made it even more special, but it's a great feature they offer. Overall, the quality and the cost is so reasonable, it’s a no-fail gift.

I’m just happy we don’t skimp out on gifts for one another; it’s just always been our thing.  Although I have to admit Alex is definitely a better gift giver and planner overall. But, I think I might have won this time when I decided to give him this watch. Right babe? : )

If you need a gift for your special someone think JORD watches, not only will it make you look so good, but the timing couldn’t be better for you either. I have a giveaway for a $100 towards a watch of your choice. Enter the link below and WIN!

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