Sweater: Madewell for Alexa Chung. Dress: Rodarte for Target. Necklaces: J. Crew

Towards the end of the night, i changed into my leopard boots which you can see on http://web.stagram.com/n/lovelyfringe/



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I'm a sucker for all things Halloween related-especially skulls and creepy arrangements.



1. Great style. 2. Fun Pieces to Mix and Match 3. Love her Spring Collection


FWFavorites{Spring 2012}

Source: Style.com Collage by me



Loved my Vegas escapade! I didn't feel like schlepping my camera everywhere so you can see the divide of which camera is which but in better news....these are some photos of my Vegas trip! The first night out I wore the first outfit to Fremont street (old Vegas) where I saw the light show and heard my now favorite song "Time of the Season by the Zombies". It was for sure a fun yet trippy show. The next day on the trip I went to the Grand Canyon where I was in awe -the views looked so unreal. I also saw the Hoover Dam. The rest of my trip included dinner at Aquaknox, ordering my first legal drink, seeing Love at the Mirage (amazing show), having a little too much fun with the wax figures at Madame Tussauds, and eating at Serendipity.

I will be back kooky city!



Never thought those two people would be used in a title but this video is pure perfection!!



How inconsistent am I? I have been on quite a hiatus from this blog. School has just started up again and when I'm not doing that, i have work. So where's the in between? you tell me. So next week Tuesday I'm leaving to Vegas for my 21st which is September 2!! Maybe a cliche but I don't care- I'm going to VEGAS!! I have quite a wardrobe set up, so hopefully I can pawn my camera off to someone willing to take photos.



1. Gorgeous mix of prints, texture, and color. Overall gorgeous collection. 2. Tie Neck Blouse, Wool Yellow pants, leopard watch strap, Raspberry Suede PS1, and Loafer Heels. 3. Array of New Shoes. 4. Gained total inspiration and really want to reciprocate this look



Finally a Denim Vest! I went to the J. Crew in New York which btw was gorgeous and amazing and found this vest right as I was leaving. I've been looking for one that was the perfect wash and of course J. Crew supplied it. I wore this look out to the Joan Jett concert. I must say she is an amazing performer and her voice was just how I imagined it would be live. She was doing all these crazy moves- which would disturb me for a person her age but it just looked right. She totally still got it.



1. Staying at the Andaz Hotel. 2. Getting my hair done at the Warren Tricomi Salon on Madison 3. Wearing my Gorgeous Aqua dress given to me by Bloomingdales! 4. Waiting to walk the Red Carpet. 5. Standing next to Rupert my future husband. 6. The coolest 3D glasses. 7. The Cast speaking before the film (I almost started to ball) 8. The gorgeous bathtub I was about to enjoy

I want to thank PopSugar for choosing me as the winner! I will always be grateful for this amazing experience and I couldn't have had a better reason to go to New York. I want to thank the ladies of Bloomingdales for gifting me this amazing dress & for helping me choose it, thank the camera crew and the people of popsugar making me feel comfortable, The ladies that made me look my best from Warren Tricomi(best salon ever), and again PopSugar for making this all possible! The movie was amazing and to see the cast speak on behalf of the film was an amazing thing to hear and see. The last installment of the film was for sure its best and I'm truly sad to see the series end. For all you Harry Potter fans you will not be disappointed.