I think this is the longest I've ever not blog. School was kicking my butt last semester. I passed by some miracle. I now work at J. Crew, which is seriously killing my wallet. Every week I buy something but it's hard not to when the discounts are ridiculously amazing and the pieces are to die for.

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Andrea said...

great outfit!!

StyleID said...

I would have never think about pairing up that skirt with that shirt but it work wonderful together.
You look great!


Adrianna Traxler said...

Thanks! I went to wear it with a denim shirt but since I was going to work I figured a silk blouse would be nicer yet keep the look casual.

Alexis said...

i agree, i love this outfit.
and i love love that shirt.

thanks for the comment as well!

Erica said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by :)
my nail polish is OPI's Jade is the New Black.
I was in love with it too.


Louise said...

Great outfit! I love your top xx

Lynzy said...

I am totally in love with that sequin skirt, it's so adorable!
xo Lynzy

Trini said...

Love your outfit, specially the wedges! J Crew has amazing clothing, I would so do the same if I was working there, I would get everything...

Alma said...

Cute outfit! Loving the skirt :)


Brenda said...

I love it!

Join the vintage give away on my blog if you like :)


Giuli said...

LOVE your outfit!! You have great style!


Margaret said...

I loooooove this outfit- is it all J. Crew? Cause I need the whole damn thing.
You look adorable!